Backpacking Tween Tour

Ages:               Entering 6th - 8th

Dates:              June 16 - 21

Times:             Sun @ 1:00 pm - Fri @ 4:00 pm 

Cost               $975

Group Size:    8 students with 2+ staff*

Location:        American Fork Canyon

Backpacking allows us to explore nature and ourselves in the simplest form. A walk in the woods. There are few better outdoor activities to develop self-sufficiency, resilience, and confidence. When you carry what you need on your back, you are literally carrying your weight, a skill that transfers into all aspects of life, and an important aspect of the of the Find Your Path curriculum.

We will meet in Salt Lake City on Sunday afternoon and head out for six days of exploring the glorious upper reaches of American Fork Canyon in the shadows of White Baldy and Mt. Timpanogos. We will spend two nights at Granite Flat Campground then head into the backcountry for two nights of wilderness camping before returning to our base camp for the final night. *We will run two parallel backpacking programs. Each program has the capacity for two single-sex groups of up to 8 participants that will predominantly run independently of each other. Youth with non-binary or fluid gender identities may self-select their preferred group.


Participants will develop skills in meal preparation and outdoor cooking, Leave No Trace wilderness ethics, basic wilderness first aid, map-reading and navigation, and backcountry trip preparation and execution. Desired outcomes are heightened awareness of self, others, and the physical and social environments around us, increased competence and confidence in one’s own abilities, problem-solving and resilience, and the development of a connection to others and the world around them.

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Daily Itinerary

  • Monday: Wilderness Skills 101 and prep for backpacking expedition.

  • Wednesday: Exploring high mountain wilderness to Silver Glance.

  • Thursday: Return to basecamp.

  • Friday: Pack out of the backcountry and return to SLC by 4:00 pm.