Snowplow Parents

March 17, 2019

This article about "snowplowing" for kids today is exactly why we started Find Your Path Utah. To help youth experience challenge, take appropriate risks, lean into discomfort, learn from adversity, and develop confidence. And the recent college scandal is just an example of snowplowing on steroids. We as parents so want what's best for our kids and want to help in any way we can, but in doing so, we are depraving them of so many lessons and skills that they can only learn for themselves by forging their own paths and having the space, and obstacles, to figure it out. Some resonating points from the article:
• Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of "How to Raise and Adult", who states that the cause are parents who had never let their children make mistakes or face challenges. "The point is to prepare the kid for the road, instead of preparing the road for the kid."
• Snowplowing has gone so far that many young people are in crisis, lacking these problem-solving skills and experiencing record rates of anxiety. 
Learn more about our program at…/s…/snowplow-parenting-scandal.html

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