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Climbing Tween Tour

Ages:           Entering 6th - 9th

Dates:          postponed until 2022

Times:         Sun @ 1:00 pm - Fri @ 4:00 pm

Group Size: up to 18 

Location:    Maple Canyon, Utah

Fees:            tbd

Rock climbing offers one of nature’s most basic  problem solving challenges - how do I get from here to there? Which is an essential questions of Find Your Path’s curriculum. Where am I going and what do I need to be prepared?

We are running a climbing program in Maple  Canyon in the Manti-La Sal National Forest. The program include 5 nights at Maple Canyon Campground and 4 days of climbing and hiking, a unique Cretaceous-age conglomerate formation with climbing popular with novices and avid climbers.


Participants will develop skills in bouldering, belaying and safety equipment, top-rope climbing, foot and hand holds, and climbing technique. At the campsite, participants will develop skills in outdoor cooking, Leave No Trace wilderness ethics, and map-reading and navigation. Desired outcomes are heightened awareness of self, others, and the physical and social environments around us, increased competence and confidence in one’s own abilities, problem-solving and resilience, and the development of a connection to others and the world around them.

Daily Itinerary

  • Monday: Belay school and climbing instruction

  • Tuesday: Climbing games and challenges

  • Wednesday: Climbing and corollary skill acquisition and extension

  • Thursday: Exploring Maple Box Canyon Trail

  • Friday: Pack up, reflection, and return to SLC by 4:00 pm

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