summer COvid-19 updates


March 5, 2021

Dear Find Your Path Community,

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 over a year ago, we at Find Your Path have intentionally shut down the majority of our programming until the nation, and the world, has a more certain understanding of how best to function in the "new normal" of a global pandemic. Fortunately, we are not an "essential service" and we have chosen to be patient in our return to full programming, although I would argue that the skills learned by our participants in a Find Your Path program are essential!

Our program offerings since March 2020 have been, and will be, limited to outdoor, daytime programs or programs where we can leverage the expertise of vendor partners for Covid-related health protocols, such as our Paddling Tween Tour with OARS, a perennial leader in safety and risk management. 

While our offerings aren't as robust as we had hoped they would be as our community grows, we hope to continue to learn and be assured of a safe and strong program in the future. 





Director, Find Your Path Experiential Education    


June 30, 2020

Dear Find Your Path Families,


As a parent/caregiver like all of you, I have been following the harrowing impacts of Covid-19. In addition to the unfathomable loss, I have great concern for all of our physical and emotional health, particularly our kids. I am acutely aware that the prospect of losing the summer of 2020 in addition to the school year has been incredibly anxiety-ridden.  


On May 31, I shared with our community the plan for Find Your Path programs for this summer. As a professional experiential educator, my number one responsibility is risk management and to create a learning space that is both physically and emotionally safe. I have been closely monitoring the discussions and decisions playing out across Utah and the United States so as not to compromise your children's safety.  We have been following the leadership and guidelines put out by the Centers for Disease Control, American Camping Association, National Outdoor Leadership School, and the state of Utah, to determine if, and how, we would be able to safely run programs this summer. Since Find Your Path summer programs had been scheduled for August, we were in the unique position of being able to be patient and take a "wait and see" approach in the early summer months. 


Our ability to run overnight programs this summer was predicated on a decrease and/or containment of the spread of Coronavirus but unfortunately, the reverse has happened in many areas, including in Utah. With so much uncertainty around our ability to safely take care of your children and our staff, we will not run our Camp Wasatch or Tween Tour programs (climbing or paddling) this summer: We had hoped to run kayaking or canoeing day camps in August on the Jordan River in Salt Lake City but due to greater concerns and higher restrictions in Salt Lake County, this program would not be advisable as well. 

Please stay in touch and reach out with any questions and we hope to return to providing our programs in the near future. 




Tyler, Director

Find Your Path Experiential Education