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Rowland Hall 4th Grade

Overnight Field Study

May 14 - 16, 2019 • Whiting Campground, UT

Rowland Hall, a preK-12 independent school in Salt Lake City, UT, partnered with Find Your Path to create their inaugural elementary school overnight program. The 4th grade program leans into their science and social studies curriculum with over 12 field trips throughout the school year. With this foundation, the 4th grade team wanted to create a customized capstone experience to finish the year. 

Find Your Path designed an overnight program that leveraged the school's greatest asset - their teachers and students - to create an experience that developed greater awareness for their students and opportunities for growth in the future. 

Program Elements:

  • Two homeroom classes (36 students & 5 faculty/staff) attended two consecutive, separate overnights. 

  • Students hiked over a mile with day packs into campsite to initiate program to build awareness of their natural environment and their own comfort zones. 

  • Curriculum included Leave No Trace outdoor ethics, macro-invertebrate creek study, and team building challenges. 

  • Find Your Path staff scheduled pre and post program campus visits to collaborate with faculty and support students. 

  • All logistical support - supplies, food, reservations, cooking - was provided by Find Your Path staff. 

What they are saying...

  • I was grateful for the planning time and the frequent meetings with the team and with Find Your Path. I felt like the time spent allowed us to perfectly tailor the experience for our kiddos and their needs. - teacher

  • I was super impressed with the kids - no whining or complaining, minimal drama - everyone rallied and had a great time! The whole program was well-thought-out and great fun for all. - teacher

  • I watched Find Your Path giving a pre talk last week, and the energy was palpable. Then I watched the kiddos file out this morning. They were stoked! Confident, curious, and excited. - staff 

  • Thanks for organizing this great outing. Juliana was excited to tell me about all the things she learned about the river and macro-invertebrates. She remarked, "even though we were camping, we were still in class." - parent

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