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My daughter didn't enjoy Find Your Path, she LOVED it! Hands down, this was one of the best trips she's ever done. The program was very dialed in to increasing confidence and awareness for our middle-schooler. Tyler and the staff shined light on strengths they saw in my daughter, guiding her to feel more comfortable with her skill set for the outdoors and with problem-solving as well.

- 7th Grade Parent, Reno, NV

The pre-program communication was excellent. I was very impressed at how prepared they were given that this was their first season! I felt we had all the info we needed. I highly recommend the Tween Tour as a way for your tween to enjoy nature in a safe and supportive environment.

- Suzanne Jeschke, 7th Grade Parent, Salt Lake City


FYP changed my life. I loved it and I can't wait to go back again. - 7th Grader


Our kids loved the camp, especially being able to be in Liberty Park. The scavenger hunts were a big hit and loved swimming the best. They came home happy. It was nice that it was outdoors but in a shady park.

- 2nd & 4th Grade Parent, Salt Lake City

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